Galaxy S5 won’t install Android operating system update, other issues

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  1. Galaxy S5 keeps rebooting itself
  2. Some apps not loading in water-damaged Galaxy S5
  3. Galaxy S5 losing mobile signal intermittently
  4. StraightTalk Galaxy S5 activation period is taking too long
  5. Galaxy S5 won’t install Android operating system update
  6. Galaxy S5 only works normally when in Safe Mode

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Problem #1: Galaxy S5 keeps rebooting itself

I was charging my Galaxy S5 when at about 75% charge the phone froze up. I took it off the charger and had to remove and replace the battery to get it to power back on. I would be able to power it on, sometimes with it rebooting itself a few times. I could use the phone for about 15-20 minutes before it would freeze up again. I would take out the battery again and go through the whole process again and I would be able to use the phone for about 3-5 minutes before the same issues happened.

I then took the battery out for about 8 hours and I would be able to get about 15 minutes of use before the same issues occurred as above.

From reading the forum here, I cleared the cache which didn’t do anything and then I did a hard(factory) reset. Still having the same issues after doing all of this.

I’m wondering if the battery could have went bad when charging as the problem started when I was charging the phone. I can use it for a small period of time until the issues start. How would I be able to test if this was the case? Would appreciate any insights or suggestions. — Michelle

Solution: Hi Michelle. The best way to check if the reboot problem is being caused by the battery is to try a new one. If the phone continues to reboot with a new battery, that’s a clear indicator that a hardware problem among the components in the motherboard may be failing.

Problem #2: Some apps not loading in water-damaged Galaxy S5

On Sunday night my phone was dropped outside and I didn’t notice it for 15 minutes. Luckily I found it…But it had been raining. I took out the battery and tried to take out the SIM card but the piece in the middle of it clicked out. I was able to put the SIM card back together and inside the device but I’m worried about that. If it’s any help I’m with Fido.

From the water damage my speakers didn’t work. I couldn’t send or see any text messages. I can’t search anything on Google or YouTube, even Reddit won’t load. Yet Instagram and Facebook do load.

So I put my phone in rice for around 60 hours. Now the speakers are working again and everything appears to be fine.. yet I still cannot see any text messages I send, they disappear right after sending. I can see when someone send me a text via a notification, but then when i press on “view” the message disappears and i cannot read it. I still cannot search on google or Youtube, and reddit won’t load. I checked the “status” of my phone and my “Mobile Network State” is “Disconnected”.. but wifi and data are on and Facebook and Instagram continue to load.

Should I put my phone in rice for another 24 hours? Is there a chance my phone is permanently damaged? A friend of mine experienced the same texting problem with water damage with a Samsung 3 and she said rice for 2 days took the problem away.. it’s been 60 hours for me so I’m quite nervous.

Thank you for your help. — Elena

Solution: Hi Elena. First of all, we want to make it clear to you that exposing an electronic device to liquid or water is risky. We know for a fact that a Galaxy S5 is water resistant, but this protection only works if the seal of the phone is intact during a water exposure. This means that if the charging port was not properly in position, or if the headset jack was opened during the time of the incident, there’s high chance that water has found its way into the motherboard. In fact, the speakers issue you mentioned may be one clear indication of liquid still residing inside.

The very first thing a user must do after water exposure is to ensure that the phone’s battery is taken out to prevent further damage. Once you have taken the battery out, you only have to turn the phone back on if you’re 100% sure that there’s no moisture or tiny amount of liquid still inside. Unfortunately, average users don’t usually know how to do this procedure properly. While putting an electronic device in a bad of rice has been preached over and over again in the internet, it’s supposed to be done along with other procedures like cleaning the phone with alcohol (to help ensure dirt and water are removed completely. Turning on the phone after it had been put in a bag of rice for 60 hours may or may not help. The fact that you’re still having some problems right now is a good indication that the phone may have actually been damaged.

Water is plain bad for electronic components. We think there’s still some liquid still hiding somewhere inside causing some components or contacts to not work properly. If you don’t know how to properly clean a water-damaged phone, make sure to have it done by a professional. Until then, there’s no telling whether or not the phone will continue to work normally.


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Problem #3: Galaxy S5 losing mobile signal intermittently

Hello Android Guru. I need some help with my device. it kept losing its signal intermittently and happens once every 30 seconds, sometimes once every 1 minute. It’s like a no smoking sign beside the battery icon top right. Also, notices that after I connect to my mobile data I can only get H+ instead of 4G. I did compared this with my fellow Samsung S5 user and even transferred my SIM to his phone but I got different and better results to his phone.


– restored to stock ROM Lollipop

– cleared all cache even Dalvik

– bought three different carrier SIMs

– factory reset

Possible Cause: hardware

I hope these info will help you find possible solution to this issue. I’m really running out of options but to bring this to Samsung service center. My hopes that the repair would not cost me too much that it may value same as a brand new unit. I love my phone so much that I just want to have it fixed.

Hoping for your kind suggestion. Thanks. — Butch

Solution: Hi Butch. The things that you’ve done have all covered potential software causes of the problem so we think that you probably have a hardware issue at hand. While rare, an S5 antenna going bad or a mobile connectivity chip not working are not unheard of. Just like any other components, these things can suffer from failure, especially after a serious drop or liquid exposure.

Our blog does not provide hardware troubleshooting or diagnosis so your best right now is to have the device checked by Samsung, if that’s possible.

Problem #4: StraightTalk Galaxy S5 activation period is taking too long

Around 6:30 am Tuesday, February 2, 2016, I  attempted to transfer my phone number from a 3G network (Motorola Moto E) phone to a new Samsung Galaxy S5, bought brand new from Walmart. Both are StraightTalk devices. When I called Straight Talk (1-877-430-2355), about 4 hours after the transaction, my old phone stopped working, a representative told me my activation was successful. However, it is currently 4 am Wednesday, February 3, and I  still cannot text, call, or use mobile data on the new Samsung. The Motorola is powered off, and has been since about 10 AM on Tuesday. If I  go to “About phone > Status, it reads “Unknown” under the PRL version, Mobile Network Type, ICCID, Phone number, MIN, and IMEISV; Service State: Out of service, Mobile Network State: Out of service.

I have talked to seven representatives from Straight Talk, and still nothing, although if I go to and click “Activate service” and enter phone number, serial number, or SIM card number, it reads “your phone is already activated”. But as I  said, I  cannot use it unless I am using Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth also works. Everything seems to be functioning properly, except for the service itself. It reads “searching for service” constantly, and if i try to make a call, it reads “out of service area”. Thank you. — Tabitha

Solution: Hi Tabitha. This problem cannot be resolved on your end, unless the activation period for your device takes longer than usual, which means that you simply have to wait it out. The only party that can fix the problem is your wireless carrier. Make sure to restart your phone from time to time though to allow new settings and activation to go through.

If you think the problem has already go past the promised activation waiting period, make sure to call StraightTalk again and demand for a supervisor. A regular call center representative are sometimes given canned responses so it’s good if someone higher can take a look at your account.

Problem #5: Galaxy S5 won’t install Android operating system update

I’m having the software update issue and have searched and searched for answers so I’m hoping yall have found the answer. I have the S5 G900A and for months it’s been asking me to update to new OS for months and it’s been failing every time. The download is 487MB. It downloads great.  Then the phone turns off to install and it fails at 28% every time. I have 7.4GB of free space. I cleared the cache and have tried it 4 times in the past 2 days. I tried using Kies to install but it tells me the software is up to date. I’ve factory reset the phone and got the same results. I went up to AT&T and sadly, I knew more than they did. What are some of my options I can go about getting this update. My city does have a Best Buy, I’m just not sure if they can do anything or are qualified.  If there’s any more information you need or any answers to help solve my problem, it’s greatly appreciated.  Thanks. — Ramsey

Solution: Hi Ramsey. If both over-the-air and Kies updates fail and wiping the cache partition did not help, the next best thing to do a factory reset. This will force the default operating system after the reset to install whatever the latest update is for your device.

For easy reference, here are the steps to do a master reset:

  • Power down the Galaxy S5.
  • Press and hold the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button together until you see the Android on screen.
  • Use Volume down to highlight the wipe data/factory reset option and press the Power button to select it.
  • Use Volume down again to highlight Yes – delete all user data and press Power to select it.
  • Use the Power button to select Reboot system now.
  • When the S5 restarts it should be completely wiped and ready to set up again.

Problem #6: Galaxy S5 only works normally when in Safe Mode

Let me start by saying yes I have tons of text messages. Let me start there. I would like to keep all of my conversations including any pictures in the messages. 

So my issue are 2 fold:

  • It takes a very long time for my messages to send and sometimes it takes a while to receive them also. This problem one. When I boot the phone in safe mode texting goes back to normal without any issues.
  • Problem 2 is in normal mode if I want to download a new app the download goes fairly quickly. however the install part seems to take forever. However this changes when I am in safe mode also.

When I use my phone I don’t have any other real issues with using the phone or any of the apps of the phone. I have tried to uninstall lots of the apps I don’t use or anything recent and that has not worked  either.

So I figured I see if you may have any insight into what could be causing this. So for some reason something is slowing my text messages and application installation. Any thoughts?? — Alex

Solution: Hi Alex. That the phone appears working without the mentioned problems when booted in safe mode means that you haven’t actually removed the culprit. Because there’s no surgical way to identify which of the remaining apps is to blame, try to do a factory reset and observe how the phone behaves after installing a new app further. This may be tedious but it will help you narrow down the source of the issue.



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  1. My wife and I have identical Samsung S5 phones. (SM-G900A).My software is up to date but, the update fails to install on hers every time. Ive cleared the cashe, downloaded the Kies software, connected her phone by usb cord etc but no luck. Each time, it burns up all our data downloading the 680 mg update, restarts the phone and then says “update failed”.
    I haven’t done the system reset yet but, I’m thinking about it as a last resort.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks much!

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