Galaxy S4 connection drops when using Facebook app, other issues

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The #GalaxyS4 has been around but we continue to get more mails from our readers asking for assistance regarding this phone. Below are some of them. For easy access to previously published posts about S4 problems and troubleshooting, please visit this page.

  1. Galaxy S4 continues to use data even when Airplane mode is on
  2. Galaxy S4 can’t delete a notification
  3. Galaxy S4 stuck in Samsung logo screen after an update
  4. Galaxy S4 connection drops when using Facebook app
  5. Galaxy S4 screen flickering issue
  6. Dropped Galaxy S4 battery issues

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Problem #1: Galaxy S4 continues to use data even when Airplane mode is on

I was told by a Verizon employee to put my phone in Airplane Mode when I asked him how I can configure my phone so I can use it with Wi-Fi and not get any phone charges while in Mexico.

I connected on several Wi-Fi connections down there and had very sporadic and frustrating times, but some days is was good.

On the plane home, once I landed in Houston I took it off Airplane Mode.

Two days later I got a bill through a text message that I owed $514.!!! I immediately got on internet chat with Verizon and person said i had to go in and talk with the manager of the store i was in.  (NOTE:  Their employee who told me this was the person who logs you in at the door.  I was never logged in; he just said “Keep it on Airplane Mode, easy”.)

So, I told this to the manager and he asked if I received calls/made texts/ etc.  I said YES, on Wi-Fi.  He proceeded to tell me it was IMPOSSIBLE to do in on Airplane Mode. I also have Skype and Google Voice on my phone, so I felt confident is using these options down there.  I have no idea how this S4 works; that’s why I went into the store in the first place, I never took it off Airplane Mode, so……what happened here?  Verizon chat said they sent me a text on the day I arrived in Mexico telling me I needed a plan.  I never got that text.

Is it possible to get or use the phone in Airplane Mode and amass charges like they show I did on my activity log on my bill?  I KNOW I never took it off Airplane Mode.  It was still on when I landed in Houston.

Thank you. — Ali

Solution: Hi Ali. Yes, it is possible to use Wi-Fi even when if Airplane Mode is enabled on your Galaxy S4. Initially, airplane mode will turn off calling, messaging, data network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but you can enable back the last two (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) if you wish so. This means that you will not consume your allotted monthly GB plan because mobile data feature is off. However, it doesn’t mean that your subscription won’t continue. Most wireless carriers continue to charge accounts even though they may not be actively using their service. We don’t exactly know the terms and conditions of your subscription plan so you’re the only one who can settle the issue with your carrier.

As far as we know, mobile data should not work while in Airplane mode. If the activity log show that your device continues to use Verizon’s mobile data service in Mexico, Verizon may have modified the firmware on your phone which causes this issue.

Problem #2: Galaxy S4 can’t delete a notification

My main problem is a stuck notification – a notification that won’t go away, and cannot be deleted.

How it started: I tried to add an existing Gmail account, so I could have 2 registered. When I tried to add it, it gave an error notification on the top bar, saying account action required. I clicked the notification and it said I had to download this app.  After downloading the app, I went through the process  of doing this “account action”,  but it turns out that the action I needed to do wasn’t possible with my account because it was a blocked account. Long story short, since the action couldn’t be completed, the notification never left. The notification would have gone away after the account action was completed, but since it could not be completed, the notification is still there. I can not delete the notification.  I also tried deleting the app.  Nothing works to get rid of the notification. — Jon

Solution: Hi Jon. If the phone appears to be unable to get rid of a persistent notification normally, make sure that you delete the cache and data of the apps that lead to it. We know you have deleted the app that couldn’t complete the action but you also need to refresh the cache and data of your email app. Simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Proceed to Applications.
  • Select Manage Applications.
  • Tap the All tab.
  • Look for the email app and tap it.
  • From there, you will see the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons.

If deleting the email app’s cache and data won’t help, try wiping the phone’s cache partition. Here’s how:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time: Volume Up key, Home key, Power key
  • When the phone vibrates, let go of the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key.
  • When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up and Home keys.
  • Press the Volume Down key to highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’
  • Press the Power key to select. The phone will automatically restart after the cache is wiped.

Problem #3: Galaxy S4 stuck in Samsung logo screen after an update

Before I describe the issue, I’m still amateur with Android system so it will be useful if you can help me with simple explanations. So, last night there is a request to update the software. I ignore the option to postpone and I continued to use the app. Suddenly it reboot itself and there was a process of installing something with the dark screen and a line of installing process.

However, after reaching 100%, the phone was off. I tried to press the power button but it only appeared the SAMSUNG brand and then off.

I really need your help how to fix this problem.

Anyway, I do not now the Android version of my phone. Thanks. — Rinto

Solution: Hi Rinto. It looks like the phone did not completely do the download and installation sequence. To fix this problem, make sure that you have the phone charged for at least two hours. After that, you want to boot the phone in recovery mode so you can try to clear the cache partition and, if needed, do a factory reset. You can follow the steps provided above on how to wipe the cache partition via recover mode.

If nothing changes after deleting the cache partition, resetting the phone to its factory settings may be necessary. This procedure will delete your personal data like photos, videos, contacts, etc. If these data are not backed up somewhere, you will permanently lose them.

Problem #4: Galaxy S4 connection drops when using Facebook app

The first issue that my hubby and I both noticed back before Thanksgiving last year, was our phones both stopped receiving group texts. They never would download.

Since then, I have started to notice that my phone looks connected to the Internet but if I am in Facebook it will say, “No connection. Retry”. I usually have to just turn off my phone in order to get any service because it seems even my 4G doesn’t want to work. Oh, my provider is actually StraightTalk and I am not calling them because they are clueless. Lol! It seems even when I am on Hot Spot networks that it drops the connection as well, no I am not so sure it’s just my home network.

I think my platform is Jellybean 4.3 as it didn’t have it listed that way, only with Android 4.3.

Thanks for any info you may have on this issue. Respectfully. — Henrietta

Solution: Hi Henrietta. Please wipe the phone’s cache partition (steps provided above) and do a factory reset. There may be an operating glitch causing this problem. Resetting to factory defaults will be a good way to ascertain this. For easy reference, here are the steps on how to do a factory reset:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time: Volume Up key, Home key, Power key.
  • When the phone vibrates, release the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key.
  • When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up and Home keys.
  • Press the Volume down key several times key to highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset.’
  • Press Power button to select.
  • Press the Volume down key until ‘delete all user data’ is highlighted.
  • Press Power button to select and start the master reset.
  • When the master reset is complete, ‘Reboot system now’ is highlighted.
  • Press the Power key to restart the device

Make sure that you create a back up of your files before doing factory reset.

Problem #5: Galaxy S4 screen flickering issue

Hi. This is Kevin and I am doing for my wonderful friend, Elaine, and she don’t know how to send description of her phone issues especially flickering.  She said her phone is experiencing flickering since January 20th.  She notice the battery goes down to about 50% and it started blank screen.  When she turned it on, the dim light and flickering only when to start charging the battery.  After when it is in full charge, it works fine until the battery went down to 50%.  We think it is hardware problem since she hasn’t add the apps since November 2015.  I was browsing online and some stated about “Air View” or “Disable Hardware Overlays”.  I am not sure that will work and afraid it will mess around the settings if doing these two possible settings mentioned above.  Her Samsung Galaxy S4 phone model number is SCHR970 with Android version 4.4.2 .

In next two weeks, she is not in town as she is away on trip and will not be back until February 20 as she have her phone with her now.  I am trying to help her with her phone if you are able to help us.  Thank you in advance and your time reading my message.  — Kevin

P.S. feel free to ask me questions.

Solution: Hi Kevin. We don’t think Air View feature or Disable Hardware Overlay developer option are the cause of the flickering screen problem. Air View feature provides more information of an object when a user hovers his or her finger over it and we haven’t encountered any problem similar to what Elaine has on her S4. The Disable Hardware Overlay option on the other hand is a video card mechanism that provides each app a portion of video memory to minimize processor load. It is set to off by default so we please keep it that way.

We recommend that you tell Elaine to do a factory reset instead to know if there’s some glitch in the firmware that triggers the screen to flicker when the battery level reaches a certain point. Doing this procedure will reset everything back to defaults so if a bug is currently causing it, it will be eliminated after a reset.

Problem #6: Dropped Galaxy S4 battery issues

Hey DroidGuy. I am facing a lot of problems with my phone which I bought less than 2 years ago and really hope you can help because I am a student and can’t afford a new phone at the moment. A couple of days ago, I dropped my phone but it has a bumper so I thought nothing was damaged but when I picked it up, the battery had gone down to 5%.

A couple of hours later, the phone turned off without notice and almost left me stranded at the train station as my ticket information was on it and I was supposed to be travelling, luckily it started up again just before the train’s departure and I was able to travel but it kept switching off as and when it pleased and this problem continues till today.

For the last 2 days, the phone did start up after I removed the battery from the phone for some time and then put it back in and restarting it but now even that seems to not be working. The phone is just dead and I don’t know what to do!!!

I have been trying to read up about the issue which seems quite common with this instrument but have not been able to come up with a solution. Earlier I thought that the position of the battery must have changed when it fell so that was the problem but now people have even posted online saying that it could be an issue with a virus taking over the motherboard. I am quite clueless as to what to do and would really appreciate some help! Thanks. — Amrit

Solution: Hi Amrit. An issue like yours can be caused by faulty hardware or software, or even both. We suggest that you try to wipe the cache partition of your phone first. If refreshing the system won’t work, you can also boot the device in safe mode (steps provided above) to see if a third party app is to blame. Here’s how you do it:

  • Turn the device off completely.
  • Press and hold the Power button.
  • Once the Samsung Galaxy S4 logo appears on the screen, release the Power button.
  • As soon as you release the Power button, press and hold the Volume Down key.
  • Continue holding the Volume Down key until the phone has completed the reboot process.
  • If you can read ‘Safe Mode’ at the bottom left corner of the screen, release the Volume Down key. Otherwise, repeat the process until you can boot the phone to Safe Mode.

If you suspect that a virus may have infected your phone, make sure to do a master reset (factory reset) so you can observe how the phone works afterwards. It is important that you don’t install any app for at least 24 hours after a factory reset so you can see the difference.

If nothing works, there may be a hardware issue behind. Start by replacing the battery, then proceed to phone repair in nothing changes.


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