AT&T offering $650 to customers who make the switch from any of the top 3 carriers

AT&T NumberSync

In what has become an industry practice at this point, AT&T has just announced that the company will offer $650 to those willing to switch from carriers like #TMobile, #Sprint and even #Verizon. This will cover all the essential charges that might be levied upon the customer when leaving their current carrier, including early termination fees.

To be eligible for the promotion, customers will have to get a new device on AT&T Next. This is a very attractive promotion and given the widespread LTE coverage that AT&T offers (touted to be the nation’s fastest network as well), we can see how this would appeal to a broad range of customers from rival carriers.

AT&T Mobility CEO, Glenn Lurie said – “These offers are some of our best to date. Our $650 credit is a great reward for new customers who switch to AT&T…. There has never been a better time for new and existing AT&T customers to rack up the savings.”

Source: AT&T

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