An advanced version of Google Cardboard with “Android VR” could be launching this year

Google Cardboard

#Google made virtual reality accessible to everyone with Cardboard. A new report now mentions that the company intends to broaden its range a little bit and offer a revamped Cardboard software, known as “Android VR“. Clearly, the focus will be on original content and a wholesome VR experience for the customers, so it will be interesting to see if and how this will come to fruition.

Naturally, this could also mean that Google would like to release dedicated hardware to go with the new software, which would be a logical step given what the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony etc are doing, not to mention bigger VR players like Oculus.

The report that cites a bunch of insiders familiar with the matter claims that the new Cardboard hardware will have a plastic shell, improved lenses and a wide range of sensors inside, which would put it on even pegging with Samsung’s Gear VR. Like how Samsung’s headset is only compatible with Galaxy flagships, we’re guessing Google will keep its new hardware limited to Nexus devices.

As for a release timeline, we probably won’t see Google’s new VR headset until later this year. However, the software side of things could be discussed at the I/O event that is scheduled to take place in May.

Source: Financial Times

Via: Techno Buffalo