Amazon updates first-gen Fire TV with Alexa voice assistant

Amazon Fire TV

While Amazon’s popular new #FireTV comes with #Alexa voice assistant, the feature is sadly missing from the older gen hardware. That’s all set to change now though with the first gen Fire TV getting an update containing the Alexa voice assistant on board.

The feature is making its way to the devices with the Fire OS 5.0.5 update that is currently being sent out to the first gen machine. Users are advised to wait patiently for the update as not all devices might see it right away. In any case, it should be relieving enough for the customers to know that Amazon hasn’t forgotten them and is bringing the goodness of Alexa to them as well.

Alexa is essentially Amazon’s version of a home voice assistant and brings a wide range of functions to the table, thanks to its always-on microphones. Make sure you sound off in the comments section below if you’re already seeing an update with Alexa on your Fire TV.

Source: AFTV News

Via: Engadget

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