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Amazon Echo users can now book an Uber with just their voice

Amazon Echo

If you have an #AmazonEcho at home, you will know about its versatility and the range of features it brings to the table using just your voice. A tie up with #Uber now allows users of the Echo to book a cab with a very basic and simple voice command, thus negating the need to manually whip out your device and call for one.

Of course, this will only work if you’re at home and not outdoors, so the functionality is quite limited. But even then, one can imagine lying down in their couch and calling for an Uber by simply using the Echo voice assistant.

In addition to calling for your Uber, Alexa can also tell you how far the cab is. All you have to ask is, “Alexa, how far away is my Uber?” or something along those lines and you will get an appropriate response from the smart voice assistant.

We’ve seen Alexa being integrated into a multitude of Amazon’s products, but the Echo is where the feature is front and center. Alexa is one of the crucial features of the Echo and has been instrumental in its sales, especially during the Holiday Season last year. Do you own an Amazon Echo at home or your office? Make sure you give this feature a try.

Source: Uber

Via: Android Headlines

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