2014 Moto G now getting the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update

Moto G

The 2014 #MotoG is now getting the #Android 6.0 #Marshmallow update according to multiple reports coming out of India. Considering that the region is one of Motorola’s biggest markets for midrange handsets, it’s understandable as to why it is among the first to get the coveted update. Customers in Brazil are expected to be the next on the list, while the update should also be seeding to North American variants at about the same time.

This is welcome news for concerned customers who had given up hopes about ever seeing Marshmallow on their smartphone. But it’s good to know that Motorola has not forgotten about them. The update should bring a stock Android like experience for the customers as Motorola utilizes a near vanilla Android UI. However, expect the range of Motorola apps and services to be updated with Marshmallow.

Motorola hasn’t confirmed as to when the update will start rolling out to the American variants, but we expect it to happen sometime over the coming weeks.

Source: Motorola

Via: Phone Arena