This could be LG’s upcoming LG Pay Universal Credit Card

LG Pay

A new image of LG’s upcoming universal credit card has popped up, filling us with excitement. In a time where manufacturers are heavily banking on mobile wallets (Samsung Pay, Android Pay etc), it’s refreshing to see that a company is actually trying to enhance something that customers already use.

This image of the Korean manufacturer’s universal credit card has come at the right time and shows us exactly what it can offer. There’s the ability to add a new card (the + button) and even swipe between your cards, with a small display available on the right hand side of the card. Obviously, this card will be paired with the device of your choice, so it won’t be completely independent.

Maybe I’m a little biased here, but I still prefer having a physical card rather than a smartphone wallet. So this one certainly seems to be designed for people like me. There are multiple startups and companies out there that are invested in the universal credit card business, so this is certainly not a first for the mobile industry. But it’s good to see LG challenging convention and taking a different route compared to the predecessors.

This LG Pay card should be shown off during the company’s flagship announcement on the 21st of February.

Are you pumped up for what LG has to offer?

Source: ET News

Via: The Verge