Surprise, surprise: 2016 Moto E and Moto G won’t feature fingerprint scanners

Moto G

The #MotoG and the #MotoE are quite popular in developing regions, with the former being the highest selling device from #Motorola. But now with the company under #Lenovo, there are some changes to be expected. One such change as mentioned by a company executive Chen Xudong was that all 2016 Moto handsets will feature a fingerprint scanner.

But according to a new revelation, this doesn’t apply to the Moto E and the Moto G models that will be releasing this year. Motorola has issued a statement saying – “Xudong was referring to products specific to the China market. We’ll share more information about our 2016 products at a later time.” We can’t say we’re particularly surprised to hear this, but it would have been a nice touch to provide the luxury of fingerprint scanning to the midrange users (Moto G) at least if not to the budget ranged Moto E.

But that’s what Lenovo-Moto have decided and the market will just have to make its peace with that. Truth be told, Moto G enthusiasts weren’t exactly expecting to see this feature on the 2016 model, so there’s no harm done here.

Do you think Lenovo or Moto should bring fingerprint scanners to their budget and midrange handsets?

Via: Phandroid