Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus stopped syncing emails, more app related problems

There are several factors you need to look at if your phone, in this case it’s the #Samsung Galaxy #S6EdgePlus, stops syncing your emails. This is the nature of the first problem I addressed in this post.

Read on to know how to tackle the following issues:

For those who have different issues, visit the troubleshooting page we carved out for the S6 Edge+ owners. Find problems related to yours and use the solutions we suggested. If they don’t work for you, then fill up this questionnaire and hit submit to contact us.

Emails not syncing on the S6 Edge Plus

Problem: I tried all solutions listed on this site to fix a lack of email syncing to no avail. Certainly can’t understand how the same account used for 3+ years on a Galaxy S3 cannot sync on a new “smarter” phone. Samsung needs to fix this major defect.

Answer: You know, we are not, in any way, affiliated with Samsung nor are we paid to support its devices, so we can say whatever we want to say about these smartphones as long as we know they’re at fault. In your case though, we couldn’t confirm if the problem is actually with your new “smarter” phone or with the email settings. Basing on the address you used in contacting us, it’s obvious you’re not using the common and free email services. My point is, if you’re using an email address provided by your company or service provider, it often comes with server settings that need to be entered manually during setup. If you haven’t touched the settings, then there’s a chance that the company hosting it may have changed some settings. That’s just about the email.

Let’s go to the basic requirements in syncing emails:

  • Active internet connection. Make sure you can browse the internet.
  • Master sync. Verify that it’s turned on.
  • Phone storage. Check to see if there’s still sufficient storage space left for new emails.

If you’ve verified all these and the phone still refuses to sync, then call the company that’s hosting your email or your company’s tech support if you’re using a corporate address.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ “Could not save contact” error

Problem: I use Comcast for my email. My app loaded fine and works fine except it won’t accept adding contacts nor does it show my contacts for Comcast. If I try to add a new one, it get the message, “Could not save contact.”

Troubleshooting: It could have been more helpful if you included the details on where you were trying to save the contact; was it in the phone’s memory itself or the SIM card?

If you were trying to save the contact in the phone’s storage, then make sure there’s enough memory left and then clear the cache and the data of the Contacts app.

In the even that you were trying to save the contact in your SIM card and Wi-Fi calling was enabled, try disabling it and do the process of adding a contact and it will go through.

S6 Edge+ keeps picking SMS backup app as spyware

Problem: How do I add an app to my phone’s safe list? My phone keeps picking up an app I use to back up my SMS messages as spyware and disabling it. How do I get it to ignore this app once and for all and keep the security settings from disabling it?

Answer: We’re always willing to help our readers especially those who are reaching out to us for assistance but we can only do so much for people who don’t provide sufficient details. Like in your case, you didn’t mention the name of the anti-spyware/malware app you’re using. How can we guide you in adding a specific app to the exception list?

Anyway, just open your anti-spyware app and see if you can find a setting that allows you to add exceptions.

Prevent S6 Edge+ from converting SMS to MMS

Problem: Hi. If I type a long SMS, it will be changed into MMS. Since everybody doesn’t have mms and might not read my message, how can I set the sms system so that sms will not be automatically changed into a mms. Thank you for your help. JC

Answer: The straight answer is keep your messages shorter or make sure an SMS doesn’t exceed 480 characters. There is no way you can prevent your phone from converting SMS to MMS when you type a message exceeding 480 characters. The cellular network couldn’t be able to transmit such amount of data but the mobile data network can that’s why the messages will be automatically converted to MMS. However, there’s an extra charge for that and you need to turn mobile data in your phone on.

How to delete multiple emails on S6 Edge+

Problem: I cannot find the option to “select ” multiple emails for deletion in the menu key in the Microsoft email exchange account. Where is this option located? Thanks.

Answer: It’s because there’s no such option but it doesn’t mean you can no longer do that. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. While inside your inbox, tap More. (upper right)
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Now, tick the checkboxes of the messages you want to delete.
  4. Tap Delete. (upper right)
  5. Tap Delete again to confirm.

S6 Edge+ randomly reboots then apps disappear

Problem: Every now and then my phone will restart itself, no biggy. But rarely does this every time happen, it’s the second time and it’s not going away. When it turned back on, all but 2 Google Apps disappeared but yet the play store says they’re installed. Along with Google apps, a lot of my games and other apps disappeared.

Suggestion: It does sound like it’s a firmware glitch or a bug, which might also be the reason the phone randomly reboots. You need to closely observe to know the cause of the reboots. I am sure, however, that to get those lost apps back you need to reboot the phone. I think it’s time you did the master reset and build the phone back up from scratch to get rid of this problem.

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