Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging and Power Concerns

Samsung Galaxy S5

Having trouble charging your Samsung Galaxy S5 device? Can’t maintain its charge? Battery juice drains pretty quickly? All of these issues have been tackled in this article. In general, charging issues are most likely caused by either the charger or the battery. Replacing any of these would resolve the problem ninety percent of the time. However, if it involves the phone’s charging port or the motherboard, then bring it to a repair shop near you so a technician can open it up and fix it.

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Problem # 1: Samsung Galaxy S5 stopped charging

Hi. About a week ago, my Android device stopped charging and I couldn’t figure out why. I tried soft resetting it, putting it on safe mode, and cleaning it. After that, I tried plugging the USB cable into my laptop and my phone charged! Now, when I try to charge my phone from an outlet, the charging sign keeps popping up every 10 seconds and I don’t know how to fix it. Can you please help me?Poo

Solution: Hi Poo. You did a great job in plugging it to a USB port as this is one way of isolating the issue. Since it charged on your laptop, this means that there is no issue with the phone’s charging port nor with its internal functions. The problem lies either with the power outlet itself or the adapter that is plugged into the power outlet. Have you tried a different outlet? The one that you’re trying it with may be loose or just plainly malfunctioning. Same goes with the adapter. Try a different charger and see if it makes any difference. If it does work with another one, then it’s time that you get a new charger. The longer you use the defective charger, the greater is the chance that your battery will degrade and eventually dies. Let us know if you need further assistance.

Problem # 2: Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t charge while turned on

Hello. I have a Galaxy S5 and the problem is that it will only charge when the phone is turned off. I have tried the reset, getting a new battery, tried a different charger, etc. I love my phone but it’s aggravating right now.Omeka

Solution: Hello Omeka. This is definitely one of a kind as all devices should charge regardless if it’s turned on or off. It will take longer than usual though to see the charging bar if the battery is totally drained. This has also nothing to do with the phone’s software as resetting it to factory default did not work. It’s possible that there is a malfunction somewhere in the device’s motherboard. You may want to consult a technician and have your phone opened and checked. An expert should know what’s wrong and how to resolve it.

Problem # 3: Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t charge with the USB 3.0 cable

Hi there DroidGuy(s)! I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 which I love to bits. But recently it’s been having trouble charging with the USB 3.0 version. The 2.0 works just fine which makes me assume it’s a problem with the charging port. But I’m not quite comfortable poking around there. I’m not even sure what aspect of the port it would be. So if you’ve had any similar problems like this before can you please let me know. It’s only a recent problem. And I’ve noticed the USB 3.0 doesn’t sit in the port right. It’s a bit loose. So do you think it’s the port or the cable? Which I’ve replaced before. Cheers!Dunky

Solution: Hi Dunky. The cable has nothing to do with this issue. What USB version have you been using to charge your phone? Samsung Galaxy S5 has a USB 3.0 port so it should work well with the USB 3.0 micro charger. We may have an issue with the port if the charger doesn’t totally fit. If this is the case, replacing the micro – USB port daughterboard may be the most viable solution. This requires a technician though who’s an expert in this area especially that you are not comfortable messing around it. I’d highly recommend that you bring the device to a phone repair shop or if you still have warranty, you can send it to Samsung’s repair center for assistance.

Problem # 4: Samsung Galaxy S5 charges pretty slowly

Hi. My Samsung Galaxy S5 is charging pretty slowly and when I have the power saving mode on at low battery, it is very slow. My phone won’t charge after using different outputs for electricity. And when it does charge, it’s charging like a turtle, like maybe 35% in 30 minutes. Do you guys know how to solve it? – Mathias

Solution: Hello Mathias. Have you tried a different charger for it? It could be the culprit or perhaps it has something to do with the phone’s software. Have you tried resetting it back to default? If it’s not the charger, then it could be some installed apps that is the cause of the slow charge. Resetting your device back to its default settings will wipe it clean and will make it run like the first time. This will resolve almost all firmware related issues as well. Be sure to create a backup copy though before starting the process. To reset your phone back to its default settings, open up Settings > Backup and reset. Scroll down on the list and look for the Factory data reset option. Follow the on screen instructions. Once the phone boots back up, it should be all on its default setup. Let us know if this worked.

Problem # 5: Samsung Galaxy S5 loses battery juice pretty quickly

Hi. I have an S5 and I have problems with maintaining its charge. Once it is fully charged, it loses power really quickly. The battery has been replaced and so is the charger. The new charger has made a difference with charging times but there is still something wrong. It can lose 10% power in like 10 minutes. Please help. Thanks. – Asma

Solution: Hi Asma. This looks like a software related issue to me. The battery and the charger should be working as it is supposed to. The one thing that you need to check are the background running apps as these would drain your battery pretty quickly. From the home screen, you can tap the recent apps button then open up the active apps gallery. Press end all to close all running applications. You can also download battery booster applications from the Google Play Store as this will aid in prolonging your battery life. Hope this helps.



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