Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Failed Issue & Other Related Problems

One of the main selling points of smartphones nowadays is its camera functionality. Back in 2013, the #Samsung Galaxy #S4 was one of the first devices to make use of a 13MP rear camera that is capable of taking excellent photos and videos. Today, it is common to see a smartphone sporting a 13MP rear camera or even a 20MP rear camera. Taking casual photos and uploading them immediately to social networks has never been easier.

Samsung Galaxy S4

There are however instances when camera related problems can occur on a device. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S4 camera failed issue & other related problems.

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S4 Camera Failed

Problem: Hi So, I dropped my galaxy s4 in the toilet and then I replaced the screen because it was the only thing that wasn’t working.  Everything is working perfectly fine now except for the camera. I have replace the camera after getting the message data line fail camera failed.  Steps that I have tried for remedies are soft reset factory reset and also clearing cache and data for the camera app but the same issue still remains, I have also tried swapping the new and old cameras after the resets.  The front camera works fine it is the mega cam that is malfunctioning it only shows a black screen and freezes as well.  I have also tried a third party camera app with the same problems.  I get the data line fail message and the camera failed message when I do the test via *#0*#.  My only guess is that I may have damaged the motherboard during the screen replacement, but it would surprise me that nothing else is malfunctioning, so what do you think?  If I did damage the motherboard is it even possible to fix an issue like that? Thank you so much for your time and help

Solution: The drop in the toilet may have caused water to damage the phone motherboard circuit that controls the camera. Another possibility is that the camera circuit could have been damaged during the replacement of the phone display. What’s certain is that this could already a hardware related problem. If the motherboard is causing this issue then you could have this replaced. What I suggest is that you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it properly checked.

S4 Camera Stuck In Zoom Position

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom,  camera is stuck out in zoom position,  won’t go back in or take pictures since stuck out. I’ve tried soft and hard work resets already.

Solution: If the camera lens is stuck in its zoom position even after a factory reset then this is most likely caused by a hardware problem. The servo motor that controls the zoom position may not be functioning properly. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S4 Video Slow Playback

Problem: Everytime I try to take a video it looks fine. However, when I go to my gallery to watch the video its really slow. For example, I tried to record my daughter’s dance recital. Her movements with the song didn’t match up, she would still be dancing one part few seconds after the part ended in the video. When in real life she did amazing. My camera been like this for a while now, I even tried factory reset and cleared cache and its still slow. Please help

Solution: Is the recorded video saved in the phone’s microSD card or in the internal storage space of your phone? If it is in the microSD card then try to switch the default save location to the internal storage of your phone. Once this is done try to record another video then play it afterwards. If the issue disappears then the problem could be caused by the microSD card. This usually happens if the card has developed some bad sectors making it difficult for the phone to read the data stored in it. This then causes the video to slow down. I suggest you get a new microSD card, a class 10 if possible, then check if the issue still occurs.

S4 Wrong Order Of Copied Photos

Problem: I recently transferred all my photos from my internal memory to a brand new SD card. I currently have a Samsung S4. The photos have been transferred successfully but they are all in the wrong order. All my albums in the gallery are in incorrect date order and all have the date of when the photos were transferred. I tried looking through the internet for help and with no solution found, the things i have been reading are that my timestamp on the photos might have disappeared. is there anyway to resolve this issue? Many Thanks

Solution: This issue could be caused by a wrong EXIF information on the photos which could have happened during the migration process from the internal storage to the microSD card. If you still have a backup copy of your photos ( not the copy which is now in the microSD card) then try to use this backup and copy it to the microSD card using Kies or Smart Switch. Make sure to delete the existing photos in the card before doing this procedure.

S4 Photos Get Corrupted

Problem: When I set SD card as my pictures save  to… it saves them and you can view them for a short while.. next time you try to view them they are a black box with a keyhole in it.. I cannot delete it..I have a sandisk 64gb class 10 card.. it worked fine for a long time.. I can still watch video from it… I tried reformatting it using the phone.. it shows all free space now.. when I go into gallery everything is still there all the pics and movies from before this problem started.. it still had 30 gigs free… please help.

Solution: There’s a possibility that this issue could be caused by some form of corrupt data in your phone. Try clearing the cache and data of the gallery app first. You should also follow this up by wiping the cache partition of your phone from recovery mode. Once this is done remove the microSD card first and let your computer read it. You will need a card adapter to do this. Check the properties of the card. Since you mentioned that you formatted it then its capacity should be nearly 64GB.

On your phone, check if there are photos stored in the internal storage (remember, the microSD is still not inserted). If there are photos present then this may be what you saw previously. Reinsert the microSD card back to your phone then set the default save location of the camera to the microSD card. Check if the issue still occurs. If it does then you may have a defective microSD card. I suggest you replace this with a new one.

S4 Photos And Videos Disappear

Problem: I’m sure I didn’t delete the photos and videos on my camera. They just automatically disappeared. I can’t find them in my files. Is there any way I could be able to restore those missing photos and videos. I have tried an app to retrieve them, but it can’t find the files I am looking for. The old photos on my camera were also saved in my sd card. Can’t find them. Help! Need to restore my precious memories.

Solution: Photos and videos do not disappear on their own if they are not deleted. If you are saving the photos in the microSD card then the card may have developed some bad sectors which could make the photos and videos impossible to access. You can try to connect your phone to a computer with Kies or Smart Switch running then check if the photos and videos are still available. If they are then you should immediately make a backup copy.

You can also try to access your Google Photos account and check if the photos have been uploaded to the cloud.

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  1. I have an S4 but the camera has failed. After taking a photo, it will soon disappear. The same goes for video clips.. Photos or video clips can not be viewed after less than 10 or so seconds
    Any solution?

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