Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can’t attach pictures to text messages, SMS splits into short messages, other texting problems

We already addressed the problem involving the #Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (#GalaxyNote5) that can’t attach pictures to text messages or add texts to pictures several times before. We did recommend a few troubleshooting procedures but it’s only recently when we discovered a minor flaw that’s causing the issue. Continue reading to know how to fix it. Aside from this, here are the other issues I addressed in this post…

  1. Note 5 can’t attach picture to text message, can’t add text to pictures
  2. Note 5s have weak signal, calls & texts fail
  3. Long text messages are split into multiple short messages
  4. Unable to send/receive MMS or picture messages
  5. Note 5 showing “Unfortunately, Messages has stopped” error


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Note 5 can’t attach picture to text message, can’t add text to pictures

Problem: Hello droid guys! I really, badly need your help. My Galaxy Note 5 is still very new and I actually started to like this (I’m an iPhone convert, by the way, but this isn’t the first Android device I own) and all the features. There is one thing I’m really having problems with–attaching pictures to text messages or adding texts to pictures. Previously, I can just add texts to freshly taken pictures and share them with my friends through SMS but with my Note 5, that’s not possible. Why is that? Can it be fixed? Thanks for your instructions.

Troubleshooting: There have been a lot of Note 5 (and Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge+) owners who complained about this problem. In fact, we already addressed this issue too many times before and we recommended a few things that we believe would work but recently, we narrowed it down to VoLTE problem and here’s how you fix it:

  1. Tap Phone app, then Keypad tab.
  2. Touch More options and then Settings.
  3. Tap Call, then Voice over LTE settings.
  4. Tap Do not use VoLTE.

In case you don’t want to disable VoLTE in your phone for some reason, then to work around this issue, use a third-party messaging app like WhatApp in sending texts with pictures or pictures with texts.

Here are some of the messages we received from our readers who encountered this issue…

Related Problem: Why I can’t send pictures attached anymore with a text message? When I pick the picture I want to send,  It sends the picture by it self and then I have to send the message separately.

Related Problem: I just got this phone. With my other Galaxy phones sending a picture via text never a problem. This phone doesn’t even have an icon for sharing via text. I’m I starting to regret getting this phone and don’t even know much about operating it yet. Is this to big a feature for this phone? Thank you for any direction. M.

Related Problem: Since i switched to the note 5 I can not send multiple pictures with 1 text, each picture sends in an individual text also I can not type a message with the picture.

Related Problem: I got a Note 5 and the first couple of mms (screenshots and camera pictures) I sent gave the option to add text in the same message as the image, but recently I can send the image as soon as i select it without giving the option to add text. Is there a setting or is that just how it works now? (I upgraded from a note 3) On an unrelated note, how do I restore my Google photo backups back to my new phone in bulk without having to select and download each individual image? Thank you for any info or direction.

Note 5s have weak signal, calls & texts fail

Problem: Hey! I’ve had a Note 3 for 2 years and had absolutely no problems! My entire family just got new Samsung devices. Two Note 5 devices and 2 S6 edges. All 4 phones are now constantly operating on 1 to 2 bars of service no matter where we go. Some text messages aren’t going through. Some calls are dropping. Nobody can send mms messages over our att microcell. Furthermore, the 2 galaxy s6 edges are dying by around 4pm in the afternoon which seems to be alarming for a brand new phone. The Note 5s are dying around 9pm where the note 3 used to go well into the next day before a charge was needed. ATT says there might be issues with the new galaxy phones. No service issues. HELP!!

Suggestion: I think it’s not coincidence that 4 devices have get the same signal strength; it might be a network problem so it’s better you call your provider. I know you understand why calls drop and text messages fail when the phone gets weak signal. Needless to say, if your provider could fix the signal issue, then the other problems would also be fixed.

As to the battery issue, we really couldn’t verify if there’s an issue with the phone, its battery or it’s caused by apps and services running in the background. But try booting your phone in safe mode and observe if the battery lasts longer. If so, it must be the apps or feature that are running simultaneously. Otherwise, it’s better you contact your provider and probably request a replacement.

Long text messages are split into multiple short messages

Problem: As I was texting, I noticed that when I received a long message, it gets split and sends as a separate message. It’s very annoying and i have no idea how to fix this. Please fix this then I’ll  totally  love the phone. But right now, the long message getting split is not wonderful now. Thanks.

Answer: Text messages or SMS have a limit of 160 characters per messages. If you typed a message more than that, it will automatically be split into short messages. The same thing happens if someone sends you a very long message. There is, however, an setting that makes the phone combine short messages into one long message upon receipt.

Go to Apps > Settings > Applications > Messages > More settings > Text messages > Auto combination.

I hope this helps.

Related Problem: When someone sends me a long text my phone receives that text as several text messages and then scrambles the message.  So if someone sends me a text that has 50 words in a single text, I might receive it as 5 different text and it is not in order of what the person sent.  Is there some setting I can do to correct this?

Related Problem: I just got my note 5 a few days ago. Today my texts were going perfectly until about an hour ago the larger texts started to split up into pages , for example instead of getting one large text like I have before, i started to get page 1/5,2/5,/3/5,/4/5 and so on. I want to know why it started to split them up all of the sudden and how I can fix it? I’ve tried switching messaging apps and that did not work. Thank you.

Unable to send/receive MMS or picture messages

Problem: I am unable to send or receive mms messages. I take a pic and try to send it and it days unable to attach. I receive a mms and it says downloading then after a period of time it days it failed. I tried resetting my network settings. I’ve checked and my mobile data is on. I’m not sure what else to do. Please help!

Solution: Enable mobile data in your phone as it’s required for MMS to be transmitted. If it’s already enabled, then it must have something to do with the APN settings. Call your provider and ask for the correct APN or you can just google it.

Related Problem: So I was not able to send or receive mms messages so I did a factory reset and everything was fine for a month and then all of a sudden I can’t send or receive mms messages again. I didn’t change anything that I’m aware of and all of my settings seen to be fine. Please help!

Answer: As long as your Note 5 gets a decent signal, there are only a couple of things you need to check; first, mobile data, and second, if mobile data is already enabled, the APN settings. At least, these are the things you have control over. If you’re sure that the APN is correct, then you need to call your service provider and report the problem. The rep will check your account, its status or provide you with new APN settings.

Note 5 showing “Unfortunately, Messages has stopped” error

Problem: Text message app stops unexpectedly. Cleared cache as per your instructions both ways… deleted all messages still crashes out

Suggestion: If it were just a simple app problem, then clearing the cache and the data of the messaging app would fix the problem but since it remained, then try booting your phone in safe mode to isolate the problem. If it still occurs while the device is still in that state, then it’s a firmware issue. A master reset is necessary but don’t forget to back up your data first.

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