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Samsung bringing back microSD card slot and water resistance with the Galaxy S7?

Galaxy S6

We have already heard about the #Samsung #GalaxyS7 sporting a #Qualcomm #Snapdragon820 chipset underneath as well as a revamped camera and display tech. A new rumor now mentions that the smartphone will also bring back one of the biggest features that fans have been asking for – expandable storage.

It is being mentioned that the company could bring the microSD card slot back with the Galaxy S7, seeing how industry rival LG has stuck to this feature despite most manufacturers shying away from this in the name of premium design. However, the Galaxy S7 getting the microSD card slot could be pretty big news and could finally allow for users to not worry about which storage variant they’re purchasing.

Another feature being mentioned in this rumor is IP67 water resistance, which again will be making a comeback from the Galaxy S5 that was released a couple of years ago. It is possible that rumors of Apple taking the water resistance route with the upcoming iPhone flagship later this year might have nudged Samsung in this direction.

In any case, we must suggest you take this report with a pinch of salt for the time being given the nature of the leak. But it surely is an exciting though, isn’t it?

Source: Venture Beat

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