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Revamped Google Weather app now available for all

Google Weather

Roughly about two weeks ago, we came across a redesigned weather card for #GoogleNow on #Android. This was however said to be in its testing phase. But Google has now confirmed that the testing has officially concluded, which means that the new and redesigned weather cards are now available for all.

These cards bring a refreshed look, which is a significant improvement over what Android and Google Now users were accustomed to. It can adjust according to the time of the day and even comes with a cutesy cartoon character or two to keep things light even if the weather is gloomy.

Although the rolling out of this update is left entirely up to Google, it is said that having Google Search version reduces the wait time to a great extent. Make sure you download the latest update to Google Search if you’re keen on having this particular feature for your device. Even if that doesn’t help, you should take solace in knowing that Google will eventually sending it to your device.

Source: Google

Via: Droid Life

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