Next Moto phone coming in July with “innovative” and “attractive” hardware

Moto By Lenovo

The CEO of #LenovoYuanqing Yang, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal has let out some interesting information. According to him, Moto’s upcoming smartphone should release in July this year and will be “more innovative, more attractive“, starting off speculations already.

Naturally, he’s talking about the flagship Moto phone (as that’s all the company will be making henceforth), so there’s enough reason to be excited for the customers. But what does the Lenovo chief mean when he says “innovative” and “attractive”?

Well, that’s up to anybody’s interpretation really, but it’s possible that he’s referencing a couple of new hardware decisions that the company might be making with the upcoming Moto flagship.

We’ve not seen a fingerprint scanner on a Moto flagship as of yet, so that’s certainly going to be on the next device. But we can’t exactly call it innovative given how manufacturers have already done it. Perhaps the company will have some other neat features to show.

What do you think? What would you like to see on the next Moto flagship?

Source: WSJ

Via: Droid Life