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Interesting render shows unique arrangement of the LG G5 removable battery

LG G5 Battery

According to a new report, the removable battery on the #LGG5 could slide out from the bottom portion of the back panel. This will save the trouble of removing the entire back panel, something which has been tried by other manufacturers before (HTC and Nokia).

While most companies are rushing off to keep the battery inaccessible to the users, LG clearly seems to be taking a different route and with good reason. As we saw with the recently launched V10 smartphone, the Korean manufacturer considers this to be a crucial feature for its smartphone.

The render you see above was drawn up by an artist based on “eyewitness testimony”, which leaves some room for error as this isn’t coming directly from LG. In any case, we suggest you take this with a pinch of salt given its nature. However, something like this would be the talking point on a smartphone and will help LG get some focus back on its devices. What do you think?

Source: CNET Korea – Translated

Via: Pocketnow

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