HTC’s upcoming flagship to skip MWC 2016?

One M9

HTC’s early 2015 flagship, the #OneM9 was a bitter disappointment for the company. Although the company tried to make up for it with the #OneA9 later in the year, HTC couldn’t quite erase the decline sparked off by the One M9. A new report now claims that the company’s upcoming flagship (the One M10?) will be released in March this year and not during the MWC 2016 event in February as many would have expected.

The reasoning for this is not known at this point, but it seems like the company wants to bring a perfect flagship to the market and not rush its release like it did with the One M9 last year. Of course, this should be strictly treated as a rumor for the time being as we have no information from the company on the matter.

But this does make sense as most flagships will be revealed by the end of February (LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 to name a few), so the spotlight will be firmly on HTC when its handset is revealed in March.

Are you excited for the company’s upcoming flagship?

Source: ITHome – Translated

Via: GSM Arena