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HTC releases new Vive Pre VR prototype ahead of its official release

HTC Vive Pre

#HTC has just unveiled its second #Vive VR prototype, calling it the Vive Pre. This development kit comes with a major upgrade compared to the standard Vive, which partially justifies the company’s decision to delay the commercial release of the Vive VR headsets. This headset comes with a camera on the front, which will let you enjoy the real world in addition to virtual reality content.

This is no doubt a groundbreaking feature and could lead to cameras becoming a mainstream feature on VR headsets. Currently, the likes of the Gear VR allow something known as peek through, which relies on the rear camera of the smartphone. But having a standalone camera of its own puts the Vive Pre in a different league altogether.

So what should the customers expect? Well, Valve and HTC are working closely to make the Vive VR a commercially usable product and we should see the first units hitting the markets sometime in April. It is possible that users will be able to see a product which looks exactly or partially like the Vive Pre, while it’s also possible that a new design could be chosen for the consumer release.

HTC has supposedly sent out about 7,000 units of the Vive Pre to developers already, which should get the ball rolling. Interestingly, the company hasn’t ruled out the possibility of the Vive VR seeing another major hardware change before its release in April.

Via: The Verge

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