How to recover photos from Galaxy S6 Edge with a broken screen, other screen problems

We always receive questions like “How can you recover photos or files from a phone with a broken screen?” and in this post, I will address this issue with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (#Samsung #GalaxyS6Edge) as the example. So continue reading so you’ll know what to do if you dropped your phone screen-first on a cemented pavement and you need to recover some files.


For those who keep asking us when Android 6 Marshmallow (Android M) update for Galaxy S6 Edge be rolled out, well, it depends on your provider. We are sure it’s just around the corner so just wait a little longer. By the way, here are some of the screen problems I addressed in this article…

  1. Recover photos from Galaxy S6 Edge with a broken screen
  2. Edge screen doesn’t work even if settings are correct
  3. Galaxy S6 Edge lacking screen sensitivity setting (Glove mode)
  4. Galaxy S6 Edge’s edge screen is showing a crack
  5. Galaxy S6 Edge slide to answer calls not working, Home button does
  6. Galaxy S6 Edge screen won’t turn on after diving into water

If you have other issues and need further assistance, then you have two options; first, you may fill up this questionnaire and provide us with necessary details about your problem; and second, you may visit our troubleshooting page, look for issues similar to yours and use the solutions we provided. We are always willing to help you so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Recover photos from Galaxy S6 Edge with a broken screen

Problem: I accidentally dropped my phone while the case was off. The screen and the back glass are both heavily cracked. At first the phone was turning on and off but now it won’t even display anything. I can tell the battery is charging because the device is very warm after having it plugged in for a few minutes. I just want to recover photos. I tried booting in safe mode and recovery mode but it’s not working.

Workaround: First off, you cannot recover photos or any files from a phone that’s turned off. So, the first thing you should do is make sure the phone still turns on. As you positively said, the device still charges so try charging it for ten minutes just to make sure there’s enough battery to power up its hardware for several minutes and then attempt to turn it on.

I understand the screen is cracked or broken and it displays nothing but black. The thing is if the problem is limited to the display being broken, then the device should be able to power up just fine.

You may try calling your number to find out if it still rings. If so, then the phone is on and if you didn’t enable screen lock, you can just connect it directly to your computer and recover those files, otherwise, proceed with the instructions below.

The next thing you need to do is make sure it’s connected to the internet either via mobile data or Wi-Fi. If both were disabled prior to this problem, then there’s nothing you can do to recover your photos. Just send it in for screen replacement.

In case you’ve left Wi-Fi on, try to go to a hotspot where your phone previously connected.

Assuming that it has an active internet connection, get yourself a computer or laptop and login to Samsung’s Find My Mobile service. You need your Samsung account credentials to be able to login.

Edge screen doesn’t work even if settings are correct

Problem: Ok, I ordered my phone galaxy s6 edge. The problem I have is that the edge won’t work. I have enable it in the settings but still nothing works. I tried to bring up the notification on the edge of the screen while the screen is off. For example news feed or even my alarm and weather. I have no clue what may have caused this problem. Hoping you guys can assist me.

Answer: Things like this happen all the time and there are always units that belong to a “bad” batch. There’s no use troubleshooting the problem as it can’t be fixed simply because it’s a manufacturing defect. The best thing to do is to have the device replaced. I’m sure you provider will agree to this considering its technician can’t do something about it either.

Galaxy S6 Edge lacking screen sensitivity setting (Glove mode)

Problem: I can’t intensify the sensitivity on my screen as in the touch part. I had read one of your suggestions to another person, but my phone doesn’t have just a display under settings it has display & wallpaper & doesn’t have an option for sensitivity. Can you help me?

Answer: It’s because Samsung believes the screens of the new Galaxy devices are already sensitive enough that there’s no room for the sensitivity setting or Glove mode. We can’t do something about it but I think the engineers should have just included the sensitivity setting as it would always come in handy since other owners have their own sensitivity preferences.

Related Problem: I just bought a Galaxy S6 Edge a couple of days ago and I have noticed that the screen is very sensitive. I’ll barely touch the screen and it will open whatever app I didn’t mean to touch.

I noticed that someone else had the same issue and the troubleshooter responded with a solution but I don’t seem to have that method in my phone. When I go into my settings>display the only options I have there are:

  • brightness
  • font
  • screen timeout
  • smart stay
  • screen mode
  • daydream

Any help who be appreciated. Thank you, Tina.

Galaxy S6 Edge’s edge screen is showing a crack

Question: Hey, this is Thalita from Brazil, I bought the Galaxy S6 edge a while ago and one day I just saw a crack on the Edge screen, at first I thought that was my fault even though I not a clumsy person and had no idea how that happened, but then I saw some people complaining that their Edge screen has spontaneously cracked. Do you guys think I should ask Samsung to replace my phone? Do I have the right to do it? Thanks for listening.

Answer: Only you knows whether the crack just appeared one day or if the device suffered some kind of physical damage. But since you said it just appeared there, just like what others are complaining about, then you always have the right to request for a replacement.

Galaxy S6 Edge slide to answer calls not working, Home button does

Problem: My phone wont slide to answer any calls or even to do anything else with it. But the home buttons works. Cannot access it to get any info not even to answer my texts.

Solution: It’s just a minor setting problem. Just go to Apps > Settings > Applications > tap Phone > under Answering and ending calls, disable Pressing the Home key. That’s pretty much it!

Galaxy S6 Edge screen won’t turn on after diving into water

Problem: Phone got in water and began acting erratically now screen won’t come on although light on phone shows phone is on.

Suggestion: Let me guess, you immediately turned the phone on after you fished it out of the water, didn’t you? Apparently, it’s water damage and there’s nothing we can do about it. The phone needs to be properly cleaned and dried. You need a technician for that. So, send it in for checkup.

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  1. okay, I gots one for youuuu… my Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 has several cracks in the main screen, and was still working fine… all the way up to whence I was attempting to take photos of my son’s 1st time bogieboarding in the ocean, whence I slipped on some rocks, and flyinn away goes my S6 edge phone into the drink… I IMMEDIATELY retrieved it, wiped it down, and all seemed fine for about 10mns. Thence it proceeded to turn it self off. Over the course of the next hour, I was still, ( barely), able to get a few last minute texts off to let my wife know what just happened, and that we were now heading home! Evr since then, it will NOT charge enough to let me into my photos to allow me to back them up. it could be, ( I’M REALLY HOPING!), its the charger port!!! IF so, is there a slight chance I thence charge it wirelessly just to boost it enough, so I can then “backup my pics” to the *CLOUD*, then I then don’t care about the fone anymore. its upgrade time anyways!

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