How to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that can’t attach pictures to text messages, other texting issues

In this post, I addressed one of the most common messaging problems with the #Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (#GalaxyS6EdgePlus)–unable to attach a picture to a text message. There’ve been a lot of owners complaining about this problem and it’s not exclusive to the S6 Edge+ but also to other #Galaxy devices. If you’re currently troubled by this issue, then continue reading to know how to fix it. Aside from that, I included other problems as listed below…


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Galaxy S6 Edge+ can’t add picture to text nor add text to a picture

Problem: When I want to send a picture I cannot add text to explain what picture I’m sending… the phone doesn’t attach a picture to a text message It simply sends the picture in a completely separate message and leaves the text message in the message box unsent…the picture goes out without the added text originally meant to be added to the picture. So if I send a text to my mom. I go to mom messages… at bottom I bring up box and start texting. I say… Here’s a picture of the beach… (I then go to add the picture)…find picture…click to add the picture to my text however the pictures just sends itself and doesn’t attach itself to the text message … it goes to my mom without the text message it was suppose to be attached to…


Solution: There are two ways to go about it. If you’re using advanced messaging, then that’s the problem. Try turning it off and you should be able to attach pictures to your text messages and/or add texts to your pictures.

However, if by chance you are not using advanced messaging feature, then it must have something to do with Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Again, disable it and you should be able to do what you want. Just open the Phone app > tap on More > choose Settings > under Call settings section tap Voice over LTE > choose Do not use VoLTE.

That’s pretty much it! But if you really want your old phone back, there’s nothing we can do about it, your provider can.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ hasn’t been receiving texts and calls

Problem: Hello, my phone hasn’t been getting text messages from iPhone users and I’m sure other phones. I once had an iPhone. I was told to turn my iMessage off on that phone which was off, still no change.. It’s bothering me because my job called and my phone didn’t ring, I just all of the sudden had two voicemails. This been going on for about a week. I went into the store and asked questions. That didn’t help. Thank you.

Troubleshooting: Try making a call to see if you can because it does sound like your phone needs to be provisioned again. If you can’t place a call, then you need to contact your service provider so they can do what’s necessary to make your device get service.

If, however, you can make outgoing calls, try sending a text message to your own number. If it went through and you received it, then there’s no problem on your end. Otherwise, you still have to call your provider.

Verizon Message+ app can no longer send text messages over Wi-Fi

Problem: I am currently visiting a friend in South Korea. I was using. Verizon’s message plus app and until two days ago, I could text over wifi. Now I have a “sending sms messages” error and none of my text will go through anymore. this had been done over wifi as I don’t have any bars here. I have reset the cache, cleared data, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I also tried off airplane mode. I cannot see a message number cap with this app, I have plenty or phone storage, but I deleted texts just to be sure. Help so this works again? I have also unsubscribed and attempted to re-subscribe…it gets about half way and then disappears but my texts do not work. I have switched the default apps back and forth….nothing. Help.

Solution: Try to see if there’s an available update for the app on the Play Store, if there’s none, then there must be an internal problem with the app.

Verizon already spent a fortune trying to fix this application since it was plagued by problems during its first few months. Right now, it’s one of the most outstanding apps when it comes to texting over Wi-Fi. So, if it has a problem, it would be a good idea to contact Verizon about it.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ read report works but can’t see if others are typing

Problem: My issue is with the “read” report a showing that a text message sent has been read and when the recipient is typing. I have the option for “read” reports on as well. Others can see when I’m typing and when I have read their message….why can’t I?

Solution: Such feature is offered by T-Mobile as part of its Advanced Messaging service. There are, however, two requirements so you can see if others are typing on the other end–VoLTE must be enabled and so is Wi-Fi Calling.

Once you’ve enabled them, you will be able to text others and know whether they’ve read your message and if they’re about to send their responses.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ sometimes takes a long time to send SMS (T-Mobile)

Problem: Text messages sometimes seem to take a long time to send.  Other times they go instantly. I have extremely fast WiFi and when not on WiFi I live in a area that has excellent let signals. Thank you.

Suggestion: If you’re using the stock messaging app in your phone, Wi-Fi has nothing to do with it. A text message has a very small amount of data that can be sent over cellular network and if it takes a long time for your phone to send one, then it’s more of a service or network problem. For that, you should call your service provider.

T-Mobile, however, offers advanced messaging service, which is way faster than the typical SMS service. If you want to use it, then enable LTE and Wi-Fi calling.

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