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Google working on redesigned Weather cards on Google Now

Google Now Weather

Some users have found an updated version of Google Now’s weather cards which feature a completely revamped design. This appears to be limited to a select bunch of users for now, but it should be available to all in due time.

As for the changes on board, it’s a lot cleverer than it used to be. The results will be based on the time of the day (ex: blue if it’s day time, orange if it’s sunset and so on), so you won’t see the same kind of cards all throughout the day, which is a very good touch. There are also some graphic characters attached to each result, assuring that a weather forecast doesn’t bring you down.

It’s quite unique and unlike anything we’ve seen before, which makes this a very interesting update. You will have to tap the standard location based weather card on Google Now to find the aforementioned graphics.Have you seen this on Google Now yet? If you’re one of the lucky few to see it by now, make sure you let us know in the comments section below.


Via: Android Police

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