Gold Nexus 6P finally arrives in the U.S.


Nexus 6P

The “Special Edition” Gold #Nexus6P was initially launched as an exclusive for the Japanese markets, but we subsequently saw the smartphone arriving in other parts of the world, suggesting that a U.S. launch wasn’t far away. It was even speculated that Best Buy would have dibs on the smartphone in the U.S., and that’s proven partially true with the Matte Gold Nexus 6P officially arriving in the region today.

The handset however can also be bought from the Google Store, so your choices are not exactly limited. Only the 32 and 64GB models are on offer though, carrying a price tag of $499 and $549 respectively. The 128GB model of the smartphone is missing from the list and most likely won’t make its way to the region anytime soon.

But it’s relieving for fans to know that the¬†long awaited Gold Nexus 6P can finally be purchased in the U.S. without shelling out an insane amount of money.

Source: Google Store, Best Buy

Via: 9to5Google