Facebook supposedly made its Android app crash on purpose as part of an experiment


According to a startling new revelation, #Facebook has been intentionally crashing its Android app as part of an ongoing experiment. Unconfirmed reports mention that this is Facebook’s way of preparing for a future where they would no longer have to rely on Google’s Play Store as the solitary platform to reach Android users. Unsurprisingly, it was shown that users returned to using the app despite several errors, which speaks in part about the addiction people have with Facebook.

It is being speculated that this would let Facebook ascertain if it’s feasible to open an app store of its own if it were to part ways with Google. As of now, there are no signs of this happening, so there’s no need for concern just yet. This could be part of a plan where Facebook could start offering its own apps and services to its customers and subsequently, remove its own app from the Play Store and urge users into using the new version. This will no doubt be a significant hit to Google as well, as Facebook is one of the top applications on Android.

What do you make of this whole (alleged) incident?

Source: The Information

Via: The Verge

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