[Deal] Unlocked AT&T HTC One M9 selling up for grabs at just $299.99

One M9

HTC’s 2015 flagship, the #OneM9 is now selling for just $299.99, which is a remarkable discount on a flagship product. The smartphone has a premium looking design and comes with a 5 inch display, which makes it a decent size for those who don’t prefer a mammoth display.

The One M9 was welcomed with criticism for sporting the Snapdragon 810 chipset, but frequent software updates have changed things to a great extent. This is the AT&T model here and comes unlocked to work with any GSM carrier of your choice. Naturally, the handset supports 4G LTE as well, so you can take it over to T-Mobile if you so please.

The seller is currently offering the smartphone in Gunmetal Gray with no other options available unfortunately. This appears to be a limited period pricing, so we suggest you hurry if you want to get HTC’s one year old flagship on the cheap. Hit the eBay link below for additional details on the handset.

Get the Unlocked AT&T HTC One M9 (32GB) from eBay for $299.99!

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