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[Deal] Roku 3 HDMI streaming box can be yours for $89.99

Roku 3

The #Roku is one of the most popular HDMI set top boxes available in the market and has made a name for itself despite the presence of offerings from Amazon, Google and Apple. The third generation model, a.k.a the Roku 3 can now be purchased from Best Buy’s dedicated eBay store for just $89.99, which is a $10 discount on the asking price.

This might not seem like much given the price, but a 10% discount on a product such as this makes a lot of difference. The Roku 3 supports a wide range of streams and channels, including Netflix, Hulu and the likes, so you’re well covered as far as content is concerned.

If you’re in the market for a decent HDMI streaming device but don’t want to shell out a lot up front, make sure you have a gander at the listing below. Although you won’t enjoy the slew of apps and services that come with an Android TV or Apple TV, for just content alone, the Roku is a pretty spectacular device to own.

Get the Roku 3 HDMI Set Top Box from eBay for just $89.99!

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