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[Deal] LG Watch Urbane smartwatch for $199.99

Watch Urbane

LG’s first generation #WatchUrbane smartwatch can now be yours for just $199.99 thanks to a new deal over at eBay. We stumbled across a similar deal a couple of weeks ago, so it seems like this is a permanent price reduction for the wearable as the second gen model has already been released.

Both the Gold and Silver models of the handset are on offer here, so you won’t be left out as far as color options are concerned. The Watch Urbane is one of the few premium wearables that is currently sold in the mobile industry with the other being the 2nd gen Watch Urbane and the Huawei Watch.

Although it’s been a couple of weeks since the pricing came down, we’re not sure if this will be valid for long. So make sure you snatch up the wearable before the retailer changes his mind. Hit the link below for more details on the Watch Urbane.

Get the LG Watch Urbane smartwatch from eBay for just $199.99!

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