[Deal] JBL Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Speakers selling for $109.99 ($90 off)

JBL Pulse

Bluetooth speakers are a must have for parties and small gatherings at your home or picnics. For long, the #JBL Pulse has been a popular choice in the sub $200 segment. These speakers can now be purchased for a miserly $109.99 on eBay, with the retailer slashing a flat $90 off the asking price.

In addition to the eye catching assembly of LEDs on the speakers that can pulsate during music playback, the sound output from the speakers is remarkable, which is testament to JBL’s quality as a company.

Sure, at $110, these aren’t exactly the cheapest wireless Bluetooth speakers you can find, but considering what it brings to the table, the JBL Pulse is well worth your dough. The retailer doesn’t mention if this is a limited edition pricing, but we suggest you proceed with haste if you’re interested. Head over to the link below for more details.

Get the JBL Pulse Bluetooth Wireless Speakers for $109.99 ($90 off) from eBay!