[Deal] Fitbit Flex Activity + Sleep tracker for $69.99

Fitbit Flex

Customers can now get the #FitbitFlex activity + sleep tracker with a $30 discount on eBay. This means you can snatch up the wearable for just $69.99, which is a 30% discount on the wearable and hence an excellent deal.

This is one of those basic fitness bands from Fitbit and syncs seamlessly with your devices (mobile and web), giving you easy access to all your fitness metrics. Sleep tracker is also a crucial feature here, but not something new as there are multiple fitness bands in the market today that offer the same functionality. Unfortunately, the retailer is only offering the black colored variant of the Flex as of now, so color options are relatively limited at this point.

The unit being offered here comes directly from Fitbit, which means you’re also getting one full year of warranty on board here. The Fitbit Flex is a great value for $99.99 and a no brainer for $69.99. Make sure you hit the link below to snatch up this attractive fitness band on the cheap.

Get the Fitbit Flex Activity + Sleep tracker for $69.99!