[Deal] Fitbit Charge available for $89.99 ($40 discount)

Fitbit Charge

The #FitbitCharge is on Amazon right now for just $89.99, while the original selling price is just under $130. This essentially translates to a discount of $40, which is massive for a fitness wearable such as this one. This is a slightly low end version of the Fitbit Charge HR, which is also selling with a $40 discount, but on eBay.


Much like the Charge HR, the Charge comes with a display that can notify you of the time, calorie intake and other crucial fitness related information. The only difference here is the lack of the heart rate monitor, so you’re saving about $20 if you’re willing to sacrifice on this aspect of the wearable.

The Fitbit Charge can be bought in the standard Black or Slate color variants as part of this deal, so you have multiple options on offer. As is the nature with these deals, we should warn you that the listing might go back to its original pricing soon, so make sure you proceed with haste if you’re interested in getting a fitness band on the cheap.