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[Deal] 2nd gen Moto G available for $109.99 via Amazon

2nd gen Moto G

The second-gen #MotoG can be purchased for just $109.99 via Amazon. The smartphone usually retails for $179.99 (well, according to the listing at least), so you stand to save about $70 here. amazon

One caveat here is that the smartphone won’t be in stock until the 12th of January, which means you’ll have to wait until Tuesday to get your unit shipped, so this deal is only meant for those who aren’t in a hurry.

The 8GB model is on offer here, but that shouldn’t be a concern for the users as the handset also comes with a microSD card slot that lets you add cards of up to 32GB, giving you a theoretical storage space of 40GB (actual space will be significantly lesser).

The handset comes with front facing stereo speakers, which makes it an exciting proposition for those looking to consume a lot of media content from the smartphone. This should be the permanent pricing of the 2nd gen Moto G considering how the third gen Moto G with 8GB of storage can be snatched up for $179.99 from Amazon, which is also worth a look if you’re in the market for a power packed budget handset with LTE on board.

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