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Both models of the Google Nexus 5X now cheaper by $30

Nexus 5X

#Google has sent out a tweet confirming a $30 discount on all models of the #Nexus5X smartphone. This means that the 16GB variant now starts at $349, while the 32GB model now retails at $399, effectively bringing the Nexus 5X under the $400 price bracket.

One would argue that this should have been done right after the launch considering the kind of response this particular handset received, which is in stark contrast to the Huawei Nexus 6P which was widely received for the most part. Perhaps this new price cut on the Nexus 5X will make it a more attractive proposition for the customers in the U.S.

It is said that the Nexus 5X has seen a price reduction in Canada as well, so this might be happening in more countries over the coming days. We must mention that this should remain the pricing of the smartphone henceforth, so don’t expect the prices to surge going forward. We can expect other retailers to bring down the pricing of the Nexus 5X sometime soon.

Source: @GoogleNexus – Twitter

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