All 2016 Moto handsets to have fingerprint scanners

Moto X Style

Although #Motorola was one of the first Android OEMs to have a fingerprint scanner on its devices (Atrix 4G), the company was surprisingly missing from the action in 2015. However, the SVP and President for Lenovo China and Asia Pacific, Chen Xudong has announced that all upcoming Moto phones will have fingerprint scanners underneath.

A large number of companies are building fingerprint scanners on their smartphones, so it was a little shocking to see Motorola exempt from that list last year. As we all know, Motorola phones will solely go by the Moto branding, which was a decision taken by Lenovo earlier this month.

With the Moto branding focusing largely on high end offerings, it will be interesting to see how this will pan out for the company. We don’t expect there to be a lot of handsets from the company this year, with only the Moto X Pure Edition successor expected this year and perhaps a fourth gen Moto G.

Source: Sina

Via: GSM Arena