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You can now send money on Google Wallet using just a phone number

Google Wallet Update

In its current iteration, #GoogleWallet users are only able to send money to each other if both parties have an account set up. But thanks to a new update, Google has now lifted this restriction, allowing users to send money to practically anybody as long as they have a phone number.

The users will receive a secure link via SMS when the money has been transferred. By navigating to this link, the users will find a form where they can fill out their bank details for the money to be credited into their account. Google claims that the whole process takes just minutes and can be done seamlessly on mobile.

This will change the way people use Wallet online and significantly boost sending of money to non-Google Wallet contacts. Perhaps this way, Google hopes to convert some of them into full time users to simplify the process of receiving and transferring money. The update is going live for both the Android and iOS versions simultaneously.

Do you use Google Wallet often? What do you make of this new feature?

Source: Google Commerce

Via: GSM Arena

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