You can get your 15GB OneDrive storage back from Microsoft, but only if you really want it


#Microsoft recently decided to bring down the free storage for #OneDrive users from 15GB to 5GB. Naturally, this didn’t go down well with a lot of users out there.

Now, responding to the criticisms, Microsoft has mentioned that users can get back their 15GB of free storage back, but only if they claim it. This essentially means that practically anybody can get the free storage if they choose to keep it.

If you’re one of the customers who has more than 5GB of storage used up, Microsoft will offer a one year subscription to Office 365 (assuming you don’t catch hold of¬†the voluntary 15GB free storage offer by then).

The company will start sending out emails to these users sometime early next year informing them of the change. Office 365 brings 1TB of storage along with it, which should make it an attractive proposition for users who felt blindsided by Microsoft.

It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft is not publicly endorsing the fact that users can claim the 15GB storage if they want to. But thanks to internet know-how and some tinkering around the company’s site, this setting has been discovered. Ideally, Microsoft would want customers to not claim the free storage and instead get hooked to a paid subscription. This is a business after all.

Hit the link below to claim your 15GB of free storage.

Source: Microsoft

Via: Phandroid