WhatsApp gaining video calling support soon?

WhatsApp Video Calls

According to a new leak, the world’s most popular IM client #WhatsApp might be looking to add video calling to its repertoire soon. A couple of screenshots have leaked out in the internet showing how it would look. However, this appears to be limited to iOS for the time being, but needless to say, an Android version is also probably being worked on.

Given that WhatsApp is owned by social media giant Facebook, the addition of a feature like this makes complete sense and would be welcomed by the users. However, it’s still early days and likely that this feature is merely being tested by the company for the time being.

It is believed that this feature is currently being seen on version of WhatsApp on the iTunes App Store. So if there are any iPhone owners out there who are seeing an update for the app, the feature should be bundled with the next update. Also included with this update is tabbed chats, letting you switch between conversations seamlessly rather than navigating back to the list of chats and then picking a conversation.

Android users need not feel disheartened as all these features will and should make their way to the platform soon enough. Would you like WhatsApp to get video calls support as well? Sound off in the comments section below.

Source: Macerkopf.de – Translated

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