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The Echo was Amazon’s best-selling item this Black Friday

Amazon Echo

The #AmazonEcho is a handy voice assistant that can pick up your voice from practically anywhere in the house. It features an always on mic, meaning it’s always listening to you. Something as simple as playing music can be achieved simply over voice, which makes this a must have for every digitally connected household. Couple this with a couple of Bluetooth powered smart lights and you can have a fully automated home.

Given its potential, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Amazon was heavily endorsing this for Black Friday with a massive discount on offer as well. The Echo which usually retails for $199.99, was available for just $149.99 this Black Friday which ensured that a lot of new customers went ahead and bought the item.

The retailer hasn’t given out precise sales numbers for the tablet, but it’s been rated as the highest selling item in the $100+ segment. This might have been due to the Fire HD tablets coming under the $100 price bracket after discounts. Based on volume alone, there’s no doubt that these tablets have sold more than the Echo. Some tablets were selling for as low as $35, so naturally Amazon was taking Black Friday very seriously.

Did you get an Amazon Echo this Black Friday? If not, you can get it from Amazon now for $179.99 from the link below.

Source: Amazon

Via: The Verge

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