T-Mobile clarifies that it merely ‘downgrades’ YouTube videos

YouTube Android

#YouTube is not part of T-Mobile’s Binge On promotion as we’re all aware. However, the #Google owned company recently accused T-Mobile of throttling its videos while on cellular networks, despite not being a part of Binge On.

T-Mobile has now responded to YouTube’s allegations and mentioned that they treat YouTube as any other video service and there’s no deliberate “throttling” of speeds. The company mention that “downgrade” is a better terminology as videos are optimized to work on mobile devices. It’s yet to be ascertained if there’s any truth to what T-Mobile is saying, but this will certainly have sparked off some reaction over at YouTube.

For those unaware, Binge On allows T-Mobile customers to stream videos from popular services without losing their monthly data cap. The caveat here is that these videos are downgraded to 480p so as to save data costs for the carrier. And since YouTube is not part of Binge On, they naturally found it appalling that their videos were being downgraded, thus depriving users of the true high definition video experience.

Source: DSL Reports

Via: Uber Gizmo