Sketchy looking image of the all-metal 2016 Moto X leaks out

Moto X 2016

Although #Motorola is done with its quota of flagships for 2015, it seems like the company is already preparing something for 2016. A new leaked image of the metal clad 2016 #MotoX has surfaced, showing what appears to be a highly optimistic prototype of the device.

We say optimistic, because it’s very likely that this is just half decent Photoshop work as it’s unheard of for a company to have a flagship prototype available this early in the day, especially with a brand logo on the back.

It also looks a little like the iPhone, so we’re treating this leak with skepticism at this point. Further, the 2016 Moto X here is shown to be packing rear facing speakers while the volume rocker is very iPhone-esque as well. The camera bump looks substantial, which is perhaps the only true Motorola design quality that we see in this leak here. There’s a massive logo and the iconic dimple right below the camera sensor and there’s not much else that we can spot at this point.

It’s very likely that this is a fake render, so don’t get your hopes up. But it is a little satisfying to know what Motorola might have in store for 2016. What do you make of this new leak?

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