Samsung Galaxy S5 Problem Sending And Receiving Messages

Welcome to another installment of our #Samsung Galaxy #S5 troubleshooting series. In today’s post we will tackle one particular problem that our readers are facing with this device and that is the phone’s messaging issue. This can be quite an inconvenience if you are expecting an important message or if you need to reply immediately to a message.

Samsung Galaxy S5

If you are experiencing the Galaxy S5 problem sending and receiving messages then you have come to the right place as we will be providing the necessary troubleshooting steps that needs to be performed to resolve this issue.

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S5 Problem Sending And Receiving Messages

Problem: I got my Galaxy S5 in June of 2014, and from day one, it has had problems with sending and receiving messages. I have gotten a replacement phone twice, and they have all had the same problem. I use the Verizon Message+ app, and sometimes it will work fine, other times it will not send my messages until the next day. I have tried resetting my phone back to factory settings several times, and that has not worked either. I am so close to just paying the $700 for a brand new S6 in hopes of fixing it. This is one of my last attempts to try and figure out what is wrong. The new app does not work either, it will just continually say sending and then not send for a couple hours. Also, group messages are terrible if you are trying to plan an event, I got texts for the next week after the event that were sent trying to plan it.

Solution: Since this problem occurs even when you replaced your phone and also after doing several factory resets then this may be a network related issue. Have you checked if this problem occurs in one area or does it occur in any area you go to? If it is only in one area then there may be a weak signal in that area or there may be some network related issues that is causing this messaging problem.

You should also try changing the network mode of your phone and see which one works best for sending and receiving text messages. The modes to choose from are Global, LTE/CDMA, and LTE/GSM/UMTS.

S5 Sends Text Message Repeatedly

Problem: So I have low service in my house and it will randomly cut off, but when this happens while I’m sending a message it will spam the network invaluable over and over resend ing up to thousands of the same message if I don’t catch it and put the phone on airplane mode, any fixes?

Solution: This issue could be caused by a corrupt data in the messaging app. Try clearing the cache and data of the app and see if the problem still occurs.

If it does then I suggest you proceed with wiping the cache partition of your phone. This deletes the temporary data stored in your device which if corrupt can also lead to this problem.

Finally, if the troubleshooting steps above fail then I suggest you backup your phone data and do a factory reset.

S5 Not Sending Text Message

Problem: Hi. My problem seems to be is when text someone in messenger it won’t sent and it will appear message I tried rebooting and cleared everything but it still seems to be not working. Can you fix it?

Solution: First, you need to make sure that you have an active text message subscription from your carrier. Once you have checked on this make sure that your phone is getting a good signal. To check on this just make a call and if the call is clear then your phone is getting a good network signal.

Since you already rebooted your phone and cleared the cache one other factor that can cause this problem is a wrong message center number setting. Try to check the message center number in your phone and make sure that it is the same number that your carrier is using. If needed make the necessary changes in your phone.

S5 Group Messages Arrive Late

Problem: In group messaging. I receive messages very late. The time stamp on the received message is accurate. For example, I’ll received a message with a timestamp of 5:04 PM MMS, at 5:15PM. This is frustrating because I’ll receive a message a 5:00, reply to it at 5:05, then for the next 20 minutes, keep getting messages that were actually sent between 5:00 and 5:05. These messages actually show above the one I sent in the group conversation, which is weird, because I received them after my reply.

Solution: There are various factors that can cause this delay. The first and foremost is your network. If your phone is getting a weak signal then the messages could get delayed. Try transferring to a different area and make sure that the signal of your phone increases.

Sometimes if there is a high volume of message traffic going on these messages can get delayed. If your friends on the group text message belong to a different network then this could also be a factor in the delay. There may be a traffic between the interconnectivity of messages between the networks which is causing the messages to arrive late.

On the phone side a corrupt temporary data can also cause this problem. You should try clearing the cache of your messaging app. Follow this up by wiping the cache partition of your phone from the recovery mode.

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  1. Galaxy S5 on Consumer Cellular suddenly unable to receive group text from iPhone users beginning 11/22/2015. All of a sudden I can’t receive group text involving iPhone users. If an android user is part of the group, no problem. If an iPhone user responds, I get a box to download, which never downloads. Consumer Cellular has been no help and I can’t believe I’m the only Galaxy S5 customer on their service. My current APN was working fine until 11/22/15. I’m not aware of any app updates that would have caused this problem.

    Anyone on Consumer Cellular that has group text working on a Galaxy S5? Please help!!!!

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