Samsung Galaxy S5 deletes pictures & videos that were moved to microSD card, files get corrupted, other memory issues

I will address some Samsung Galaxy S5 (#Samsung #GalaxyS5) memory issues in this post. We did receive several emails from our readers who were seeking for assistance to recover lost pictures and videos, which according to them, got deleted after being moved from the phone’s internal storage to the microSD card. Continue reading to learn more about these problems and how to tackle them.


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Pictures & videos moved to SD card got deleted

Problem: Every time i move pictures or videos from device storage to sd card phone deletes them. It says they are transferring but when I go to look on the SD card they are not there, OR on my device storage.

Related issue is when I try to moves Apps to sd card, the apps get removed and show up as gray icons.  When I tap on icons it says app not installed. For some reason no info can be written on sd card. Not sure why.

Answer: It’s an indication that your phone can no longer read from and write to your SD card because maybe it got corrupted or damaged.

Unmount your SD card and let your computer or laptop read from it. If you’re lucky, you can still backup all your files and in this case, try reformatting it to see if it could still be used, otherwise, it’s time you bought a new one.

Files get corrupted when transferred to SD card, can’t install apps

Problem: My Samsung 64GB micro sd card keeps on corrupting any files I transfer over, any photos, videos, and it doesn’t allow me to transfer apps to be installed, how do i fix, and how can I get my pictures back?

Answer: Well, it means that your SD card is still readable but there could be some sectors that got corrupted. Corrupted photos and files can no longer be recovered or even if you were able to do so, they still can’t be read by your phone nor your computer.

The best thing to do is try to salvage any bit of data you can extract from it and then reformat it to see if it could still be used. If not, then it’s time you bought a new one.

And no, you cannot install apps to the microSD card directly. You need to download and install your apps to your phone’s internal memory and move them to your SD card.

Phone prompts memory is full when updating apps

Problem: Hi guys, I’m new to android. I have the S5 I think it’s 19 gigs then I have a 29 gig memory chip but every time I try to update my apps or download the new operating system it keeps telling me my memory on my phone is full i tried deleting my unneeded apps and song. How do I download updates or move things to my memory card? I just can’t figure it out I kinda need some help. Thanks a lot. — Mike

Troubleshooting: Hey Mike! It’s just a matter of time before you can master that phone. About your concern, you have to go to the Application Manager, find the app that you want moved and you can proceed from there. But to make it easier for you, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Proceed to Applications.
  3. Select Manage Applications.
  4. Tap the All tab.
  5. Find and tap the app you want to move.
  6. Tap Move to SD card.
  7. Now repeat the process to other apps you want transferred.

As to your files, pictures, videos and music tracks, you need to use the app called My Files. Once you’re in, all you need to do is cut and paste the files to the new location. I hope this helps.

Images from SD card deleted after an update

Problem: Images from SD card gone. All other files and apps still there. Not been moved to cloud storage. Used card reader and several file recovery apps. Not able to recover. There was a Samsung update the other day but I didn’t pay much attention to what it was. Don’t understand how hundreds of photos can just disappear like that.

Answer: If you were asking where did those photos go, well, your guess is as good as ours or even better since you understand your phone more than us. The thing is, files can’t just be deleted without intervention from the user, although there were reported circumstances of Android phones getting reset during the update. But even so, those pictures are already in the microSD card, even if the device was reset during the update, they still won’t be erased.

Is it possible that someone got access to your phone and inadvertently deleted them? One thing is certain though, if they’re not there, they’re not there.

Contacts won’t load, can’t download apps

Problem: My contacts will not load and have not loaded in at least a week. Also my device says there is no storage even though there is plenty. I cannot save numbers or see old numbers. I cannot download new apps or emails.

Troubleshooting: When you said there is plenty of storage space left, did you mean the phone’s internal storage or the SD card? If the phone says there’s not enough space to store new contact entries and apps, that’s probably true. So, here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Transfer your files from the phone’s internal storage to the microSD card (external storage).
  2. Move some of your third-party apps especially ones that eat up so much space.

If these two procedures failed to fix the problem, then backup all your data to a computer and perform the master reset. After this, you’ll have plenty of storage space for your new contacts and apps, however, you will have to download all your apps again and transfer back your important files.

Related Problem: Recently my phone had been telling me I don’t have enough memory on my phone I guess do to all the music and pictures I have on phone. Because of that I haven’t been able to update my phone or install apps so I purchased a memory card so I can do so. I have already inserted my new memory card in the correct place but my phone is still telling me I have no memory left and is still not letting me update it. what can I do?

Galaxy S5 showing “Preparing SD Card” error

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S5 just continuously says preparing external storage. All the photos that were previously stored on the phone are now not accessible and not displaying just a blank black page that says no external storage available. Also cannot download anything or receive any pictures or media from others. Removed the sd card and placed in another new one it says the same thing….please help.

Troubleshooting: That’s what happens if the phone is having a difficult time reading from the SD card but more often than not, it’s a sign that the external storage was corrupted, although there’s a chance it has already been damaged. Try having your computer or laptop read from it especially if you want to recover some important files. Your computer will tell right there and then if there’s something you can do about it. For instance, if your computer can read from the card, then you can backup all your files, however, if it asks to reformat it the moment you plug it in, then you have no other choice but to reformat it. The thing is, there’s no guarantee it could be fixed and once you start the format process, all your files will be deleted and impossible to recover.

If you decided to reformat it and the computer can read from and write to it, then you can still use it. Otherwise, it’s time you replaced it with a new one.

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  1. Have a Galaxy 0n5 from Tracfone. Micro SD card was fine until it got a couple hundred pictures on it and then videos would not play in their entirety; would just stop and error message would say “unable to play video at this time”. Have tried to copy data over to laptop and was successful with pictures but unable to copy videos. I really want to retrieve this one special video of my grandson and want to know what to do next. Should I put almost empty card back in phone? Do I take it to a computer tech? I’m scared to lose the video before I can copy it. Help!

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