Samsung continues to be top supplier of AMOLED panels in 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Snapdragon 820

A new report has mentioned that the supply of #AMOLED panels increased dramatically in 2015 by 100% (YoY), which is very good news keeping the future in mind. And knowing that #Samsung is one of the largest producers of AMOLED panels, this means that the Korean manufacturer has kept its hold on the market as the No.1 supplier yet again.

It is said that shipment of AMOLED panels grew by 35% in Q3 2015 compared to Q2 2015, suggesting that a large part of the growth occurred during the latter part of 2015. 79 million AMOLED panels have supposedly been shipped in Q3 2015, speaking volumes about the popularity of these panels.

There has been talk that manufacturers are looking to convince Apple into using OLED panels for its upcoming flagships, but that might not happen unless some of Apple’s concerns are addressed.

Samsung’s industry rival LG is also heavily banking on OLED panels for the coming years, so the production of AMOLED panels could be significantly increased by manufacturers.

Source: Korea Herald

Via: G For Games