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Report: The Galaxy S7 will have a pressure sensitive display

Galaxy S7

With #Samsung seeing some executive reshuffling recently, it is now being speculated by a new report that the upcoming #GalaxyS7 smartphone will have a touch sensitive display on board, à la Apple’s 3D Touch.

This was always on the cards considering how most Android OEMs are expected to make the jump to pressure sensitive displays in 2016 using technology from Synaptics. But Samsung’s move will largely be seen as a bid to outdo its main industry rival, Apple.

This report from the Wall Street Journal also goes on to say that the handset will come with a USB Type-C port on board, allowing users to get fast charging and increased data speeds compared to conventional micro USB chargers.

Unsurprisingly, the WSJ claims that there will be an ‘edge’ variant of the Galaxy S7 as well. It is however said that the standard model of the Galaxy S7 will come with expandable storage on board, which will definitely take us by surprise, if true.

Further, it is being said that the camera bump on the back will be significantly reduced, thus offering a better looking device. All the information listed above is yet to be confirmed by Samsung, so we suggest you take this report with a pinch of salt for the time being.

Source: WSJ

Via: The Verge

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