Google switching to OpenJDK with Android N


After spotting a code commit to OpenJDK, it has now been officially confirmed by Google that it will use this Java Development Kit with the next major release of Android, otherwise known as Android N. Google currently uses the standard JDK platform, which has also tangled the company in a patent infringement suit with Oracle, so using the open sourced version might be an easier way out of the whole ordeal.

Further, Google claims that using OpenJDK makes sense for the company as Android is an open source platform, and this will allow Google to make “more contributions to the OpenJDK project.” The code will also make it easier for developers to build new apps, so in the end it seems like everybody stands to win from this.

For those without a developer background however, this won’t make much of a difference. But if you’re a developer who makes a living on Android apps and services, this is pretty big news.

Source: OpenJDK Commit

Via: Hacker News, Venture Beat