Google Play Music Family Plan now live, priced at $14.99 for six accounts with YouTube Red included

Google Play Music

#Google has officially announced a new family plan for customers of #PlayMusic, letting up to six accounts access the service simultaneously at $14.99 per month. In addition to having Play Music at their fingertips, Google is also throwing in a subscription of YouTube Red (U.S. only) to all six members who are on the plan.

This is an amazing value and could blow the competition out of the water, mainly Apple Music. Apple’s recently launched streaming service also offers a family plan with the same amount of users and pricing, but Google’s extra perk will certainly give it a leg up over Apple.

For those unaware, YouTube Red gives users access to ad-free YouTube videos, thus giving a never before like experience on the world’s most popular video streaming and sharing site.

It seems like Google is planning to convert a bunch of Apple Music customers to Play Music with this promotion and might even succeed given the kind of features it’s offering. Hit the source link below for more details on the Play Music family plan.

Source: Android Blog