Google Play Books update introduces new ‘Night Light’ feature

Google Play Books Night Light

#Google has started sending out a new update to the #PlayBooks application on #Android which enhances your reading experience to a great extent.

Known as ‘Night Light’, this feature adjusts the display temperature whilst reading a book on the app, depending on the time of the day. For example, if it’s broad daylight, the display will be brighter so that visibility is not hindered. And when it’s time to sleep, the display turns warmer, which reduces eye strain.

One can liken this to the Flux software (Twilight for Android) that adjusts the color of the display in a similar fashion. Since reading ebooks for a prolonged period can strain your eyes, this feature is a welcome addition on the app. Apart from this nifty new feature, Play Books will now notify users when one of their favorite authors has published a new book.

The update should be live right away on the Play Books application for Android. Make sure you hit the link below for more details.

Source: Official Android Blog

Via: GSM Arena