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Google Hangouts could lose SMS and MMS functionality soon: Rumor

Google Hangouts

If a new rumor is anything to go by, the #GoogleHangouts application could soon lose support for SMS and MMS. As we know, the app started supporting text messages quite a long time ago. Most users are using Hangouts as their default SMS application right now, so this could disappoint those users. However, given that Google is already offering the standalone Messenger application for Android devices, the switch might actually help the customers.

It is unlikely that this change would impact Google Voice users as it functions independently, despite using Hangouts for messages. So basically, this will only impact those who are relying on Hangouts as an alternative to their default SMS client.

Hangouts initially had a lot of issues, especially with group texts, but Google fixed them subsequently. Hangouts today is a pretty decent application that can serve as an alternative to your standard SMS client. So we’re not really sure why the company would want to remove this feature from the app.

Any theories?

Via: Phandroid

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