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Google Glass: Enterprise Edition leaks out in pictures

Google Glass: Enterprise

Production and development of #GoogleGlass saw a drastic change earlier this year when Tony Fadell of Nest took over the helm. It was recently brought to our notice that Glass would now be an Enterprise only offering with emphasis on Glass For Work startups. Today, we’re getting a glimpse of early prototype units of the Enterprise Edition Glass, which reveals the foldable nature of the device.

Google Glass : Enterprise

The rest of the design is largely similar to Glass Explorer Edition, although there are some worthwhile upgrades on board here. In addition to the foldable panel, the Glass Enterprise Edition also comes with a larger prism, a relocated power button on the back as well as a LED indicator on the front that goes on when taking a video.

Google Glass : Enterprise 3

The device also comes with a more robust design and is said to be waterproof as well. To improve connectivity, the Glass Enterprise Edition will support 5 GHz WiFi band which will in turn aid video streaming apps within Glass. These images have leaked from the FCC and Google is yet to confirm the device’s existence, although it is said that Glass For Work partners are already getting access to the device.

What do you make of this?

Source: FCC

Via: 9to5Google

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