Google could be working on a split screen UI for the next major version of Android

Android MarshmallowThe #PixelC team held a Reddit AmA (Ask me Anything) session yesterday, where some interesting details were provided. In addition to explaining what the C stands for and providing plenty of other input about the device itself, the team also mentioned that split screen view is currently “in the works” and could be introduced with with #Android N.

This is exciting news for fans, especially those with a phablet or a larger device. The Pixel C, Nexus 9 or even the Nexus 6 have relatively large displays, but no support on the software side to aid split screen multitasking. This is something that Apple has done remarkably well with its iPad Pro tablet which has already made its way to the markets.

Samsung was the first company to pitch the idea of split screen with its multi-window feature that was introduced with the Galaxy Note flagships. This has become a standard on all Note devices since then. Given what we’ve seen from the competition, it’s only fair for Google to take this feature more seriously and offer it by default on stock Android. What do you think?

Source: Reddit

Via: Droid Life