Google Calendar can now display all your reminders on Android

Google Calendar

The #Google Calendar application on Android has just been updated with an important new feature, aimed to make the lives of the customers a whole lot easier.

Previously, the Reminders were only accessible from the Google Now reminders page or Google Keep (if you set it there). Google Calendar will now show these reminders on its own, thus saving you the trouble of having to navigate to Reminders if you’re looking to check out a long list of reminders for a particular day.

This feature has been long overdue and it’s good to see that Google has finally included it in the latest release of Calendar. What’s even better is that if you forget a reminder by accident, the Calendar app will list it on top the next day so that you are notified about it.

Google has explained this very well in the video below. Make sure you catch it to get a better understanding of what’s new with Calendar. The update should start hitting devices over the coming days, while there’s a strong chance that it’s already going out to the customers.

Source: Gmail Blog